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Sample: Sudoku Seventeen by John Austin
E-book now published.
Print version also available.
Sudoku Seventeen, by John Austin
Most newspaper and magazine sudoku puzzles have typically 23-25 poles or clues in the initial grid. Recently, however, it has been demonstrated that there must be at least 17 poles for a unique solution. Such puzzles have their own characteristics and are amenable to particular solution methods. You might expect, then, that puzzles with only 17 poles will be particularly challenging. In fact the puzzles display a wide range of difficulty. "World of Sudoku" gave one 17-pole Sudoku in Chapter 8 shown here below.

"Sudoku Seventeen" explains how to solve the puzzles and goes on to supply over 200 puzzles varying from moderately difficult to extremely difficult. In addition, the puzzle which was once known as the "World's most difficult Sudoku puzzle" is given, with some hints as to how it can be solved. The solution is also supplied for those who find the puzzle only too challenging! For the record, it took me 21 hours to solve it, see if you can do it faster!
Sudoku Seventeen cover page
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The book and is now available in print form, with the ebook now published. It follows on from the "World of Sudoku" with links to stores above. That book contained one Sudoku 17 puzzle as shown below. Have a go at it, and if you enjoy the exercise, purchase "Sudoku Seventeen"!

The solution in Chapter 14 was (click here to reveal)
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