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Sample: World of Sudoku by John Austin
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Now published in print form.
World of sudoku by John Austin
Sudoku and its variants have become an increasing form of entertainment in recent years for a large number of people. The puzzles can in principle be solved by brute force trial-and-error methods, but this would be time consuming and impractical. This book is a step-by-step guide to a strategy that enables Sudoku and related puzzles to be solved rapidly and efficiently.
World of Sudoku cover page
World of Sudoku
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The book contains 15 Chapters with almost 200 individual diagrams. Part 1 is devoted to Sudoku itself, and in 8 Chapters it describes the solution method, increasing in complexity from solving the very simple elements and progressing to elements which are linked 5 or more along a row, column or 3x3 square. Part 2 describes Sudoku related puzzles such as Samurai Sudoku and I-doku. Later, the book describes Kakuro and the challenging Killer Sudoku, again providing step-by-step instructions. In Chapter 14, some mathematical background is given and a Sudoku with the minimum number of clues is presented along with its solution. Readers interested in more of these minimal sudoku puzzles to solve can obtain Sudoku Seventeen.
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