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Sample: Measuring the World by John Austin, PhD:
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Measuring the World by John Austin, PhD
The book explains how the metric system is a superbly designed set of units which enables us to measure everything imaginable. Mass, length, time, and temperature are just the start. It explores ways that the metric system is an aid to the easy calculation of a host of practical problems and explains how painstaking work by talented scientists over decades has produced a practical and cultural legacy that rivals fine art for its beauty. The alternative, the Imperial set of units or US customary units are frequently shown to be confusing and inadequate. Yet their use persists in certain places.
Measuring the World cover page
Measuring the World: Making complicated problems simpler by really going metric
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It is now over 50 years since Britain committed to using the metric system but that commitment is half-hearted at best. Stones and pounds abound as do acres and miles. The USA and Canada (less so) continue to use inadequate units, in many cases to their detriment. The book is an encouragement to those still using Imperial units to convert to metric. It is also of interest to those who already exclusively use metric units to see where developments in making measurements can impinge on our daily lives and where the future of these units lie.

The book consists of 18 Chapters in plain language and with some mathematics which is easily skipped if desired. Dozens of figures illustrating specific points of interest are included together with numerous references to the supporting material.

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The book is available in both ebook and print form. In the Second Edition typographic errors have been removed, the tables of information have been converted from images to in-text material. Unit names have also been changed from italic to normal font and the layout improved slightly. The ebook can be purchased from Amazon for Kindle. The print version can be ordered directly from CompletelyNovel.com (allow one week to arrive by mail) or from booksellers. The print version has grey-scale images. The full-colour images can be downloaded from the link (above).
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