This is a collection of thoughts on the numbers which affect society, especially in Britain. Here, we have a mixture of units both metric and Imperial combined in a confusing mixture. I try to expose the silliness of it all, and how we need to move consistently towards a more uniform framework. It really isn't rocket science!

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13. Misleading Statistics and the EU Referendum 4/6/2016 This is my postal vote: I cannot be persuaded to vote to stay in the EU on the basis of the extreme statistics presented by the "remain" camp. more.
12. Percentages again: will people ever learn? 28/2/2016 People, even BBC journalists can't calculate percentages to save their lives! What is so difficult? more.
11. Two sentences which strike fear and loathing in my mind 15/9/2015 My laptop computer is my filing cabinet, my photographic collection, my work station and my source of entertainment. But occasionally, it releases two sentences ..... more.
10. Are We Creating a Nation of Dunces? The GCSE Sweet Problem 5/6/2015 A simple question has been posed in the 2015 GCSE maths exam which has stumped many of our little kiddies. Why are they such imbeciles?..... more.
9. Are you afraid of mathematics? 9/2/2015 In recent weeks, various politicians have been faced with some simple arithmetic as in the picture, and have either fluffed it or refused to answer..... more.
8. How long does a battery last? 14/1/2015 When we buy a battery, we trust the make and type that it will deliver the performance we need. It should not have to be a matter of trust..... more.
7. After the holidays, have you put yourself on a high fad diet? 11/01/2015 No, the title is not a misprint. For "fad" read "fat", "carbohydrate" or "protein" all of which have become the latest get slim quick method at some time or another.... more.
6. What is the cost of ice? 07/01/2015 You can buy ice in the supermarket in Britain for about 65p/kg. It's a bit of a lazy way to get it, so let's just calculate how much it costs to make.... more.
5. How high is a bus? 01/01/2015 When I go away from home, I sometimes travel by bus. These buses carry notices visible to the driver indicating the height of the vehicle..... more.
4. Beware enormous magnetic fields! 28/12/2014 I am still in Plymouth, and quite often I have been walking past some road signs which show a vehicle within a red circle and the characters 7.5T.... more.
3. Sorry: We are unable to offer 50% off as we do not put 50% on 22/12/2014 Whenever I visit my family in Plymouth, I walk past a shop window with the above sign on it... more.
2. In this season of good cheer, what is a unit of alcohol? 17/12/2014 Doctors are generally very good at using the metric system, certainly in Britain.... more.
1. How high is a bridge? 15/12/2014 Britain is a confused place for units, with Imperial units and metric units mixed up on the same notices or signs. more.

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